How to collect data on people's opinion?

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Project details
co-founded project
Duration: 1y
Year: 2012 / 2013


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One evening while having a beer with my friend Marius, which also co-founded our mobile marketplace, he told me about this idea: how can I can get an opinion on anything anywhere anytime? For example, a girl named Lisa wants to buy a dress and her best friend is not available - she may wants to ask others. So why she doesn't have our app and just start a poll by taking a picture, put a tweet-long question and then wait for responses.

Well, two days later we started with the development. The app was done in MySQL and Phonegap Cordova Engine and released to the App Store after some weeks. After some advertising, we had a few hunderds of users and over 1000 polls. Then we had our first penis gate - people started to upload penis pictures. That resulted in developing an extension on the admin panel which conveniently enable us to remove polls. 

Unfortunately we could not go on with this project. 4 years later the app from Silicon Valley called "Wishbone" had a great success with the almost the same concept.