Privacy Policy

This page is maintained by Oliver Klein, which is reachable at any time via kontakt att It is an entirely private page with no intention to any business activities.

This page is operated by Oliver Klein.

Official address:
Guan Zhuang 65-4-401
100024 peking

According to the new European law (GDPR), we need to point out which private data we are collecting and why.

On this page, there is

  • no contact form
  • no sort of cookies
  • no google analytics or other forms of tracking
  • no option to comment on posts
  • no affiliate links of Amazon or similar
  • no payment
  • no newsletter
  • no facebook pixel
  • no adsense or similar ads
  • no social media plugins (facebook, instagram etc.)
  • no log files of my hoster

No data will be given or sold to any other third party.


When using this website, personal data might be stored, no matter which device you are using. Any information you enter on this website is based on your free will. Entering no data has no negative impact on the experience on this website. Any information that is stored is within the context of the GDPR.

We grant you, the visitor any right

  • to inform yourself about any data that is stored about you (see above)
  • to access the information how your data is processed and used (how, where and for what purpose)
  • of rectification of any personal data (please get in touch with me to do so)
  • to erase any personally identifiable information that this website collected
  • to restrict the processing of any data on this website
  • to prohibit of using any particular personally identifiable information
  • to get informed about any possible data breach within 72hours 
  • to retrieve any data that has been stored on our server in a machine-readable form (please get in touch via email, see above)



We are using SSL, therefore all data that you enter on this website is encrypted. This can be doublechecked by the green "lock" icon in the browser's address bar and the fact that the website URL starts with an https:// instead of http://

3rd Party Services:

We are using the YouTube plugin to integrate videos into this website. On opening such page, your IP is submitted to Youtube (a Google company). If you play this video it will be stored in your YouTube profile. To prevent this, please log out first.

Change of this policy:

If needed, we will update this policy due to new regulations.

Request data:

If you want to claim any of the rights granted above, please send us an email, we are happy to reply.